Purim schedule  

Wednesday - Fast of Esther  

- Fast Begins 6:14am 

- Shachris 8:00am 

- Mincha (Torah Reading) 7:00pm 

- Megilla Reading 8:00pm

Thursday- Purim Day 

- Shachris 8am  

- Megillah Reading 8:30pm (Approx)  

- Late Megilla reading 5pm  

- Grand Purim Party 5:30pm  

To RSVP for the party go to ChabadOceanDrive.com/3947408

   Week of Purim - Parshas Tzav

Friday night Services 7:00pm
Chassidus With Cheese cake 8:30am

Shabbat Morning Service Fol Kiddush 

Shabbat Afternoon Torah Class 6:30pm
Mincha & Seudah Shlishit 6:55pm
Sunday Morning Shachris 8:00am
Tuesday Yeshiva Night 7pm
 Thursday Teffilin Club & Breakfast  8:00am


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