Dear Friend,

With the High Holiday season upon us, I would like to first and foremost wish you a Happy, Healthy and Sweet New Year. We have had a most productive, innovative and exciting year, with plans to grow and expand on what we’ve begun.

At this time, I am turning to you to ask you to please be a partner with us. As you may know, we are totally financially dependent on the generosity of those who attend, benefit and/or appreciate us. Please know how much we appreciate all previous contributions. With your donation in honor of the upcoming High Holidays, you will directly be making it possible for us to continue to survive in these continued trying economic times. The following are some suggestions:

A) High Holiday Donation - $180

B) Monthly Donation - Choose an amount that you would like to donate monthly. If you prefer, you can provide your credit card information and it will be charged monthly.

C) Plaque on Memorial Board - $600

D) Membership (includes free seats for High Holidays and discounts to Chabad Events) – Renewing and/or becoming a new member, regardless of how often you attend our services and programs demonstrates your strong support.

COUPLE/FAMILY Membership $900/year (includes up to 4 seats for High Holidays)

Executive Membership $1800/year (includes up to 4 seats for High Holidays and A Holiday Kibbud)

SINGLE Membership $450/year (includes 1 seat for High Holidays)

Tourist  Membership $450/year 

E) High Holiday seats - $125/seat for non member. We never turn anyone away, regardless of ability to pay. Therefore, even if you are not attending our services, which G‑d willing will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hollywood Beach, you can help us by sponsoring seat(s) for those who may not be able to afford it.

Of course any sum will be appreciated. All major credit cards are accepted and all donations are tax deductible. You may also specify if you would like this donation to be for Kol Nidre or Yizkor and write the name(s) of anyone you would like Yizkor to be recited for. You can also include your loved one’s name in our Yizkor book (see following page for more information).

In the merit of your generosity, may G‑d bless you and yours with continued and ever-growing success in all of your endeavors, especially with good health, much nachas and joy and may we all go together with Klal Yisroel to greet our righteous Moshiach, speedily in our days, right now!

Once again wishing you a Happy, Healthy, and Sweet New Year.


Rabbi Dovid Kudan

Rabbi Leibel Kudan